Standard Format Plan & Building Format Plan

These types of survey plans are required to facilitate separate Titles of the following uses:

  • Reconfiguration of a Lot (subdivision)

  • Multiple Dwellings (apartments, units, townhouses)

  • Duplexes (Dual Occupancy)

  • Building Format Plans

When a Development Approval is granted by Council, we will prepare a compliance report which addresses and demonstrates compliance of each condition. We will ensure the Plan Sealing is as seamless as possible to ensure time effective lodgement.

As a surveying firm, we manage and coordinate a significant number of plan sealing applications each year for a wide range of uses with a very high success rate. 

Easement Survey Plans & Road Resumption

Council will often impose requirements upon a Lot that require the preparation of a Survey Plan for an Easement or a Road Resumption. These plans will require the approval from Council. We can lodge these plans to Council on your behalf and gain Councils endorsement. 

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