Proposal Plans

When a subdivision (Reconfiguration of a Lot) is proposed, a Proposal Plan is required to be submitted to Council for their approval. This is part of the Development Application that can be done by our Town Planning team. 

Standard Format Plan

Once a Reconfiguration of a Lot is approved by Council and the civil works are complete, a Standard Format Plan Survey Plan, will show the new boundaries of the new lots. This plan is required to be submitted to Council as part of a Plan Sealing application. 

Building Format Plan

Building Format Plans are required for units, apartments, townhouses, duplexes, offices and storage units. This is a type of subdivision which nominates common property and exclusive use areas, as part of a Community Titles Scheme (body corporate). This plan allows units to obtain separate Titles.

Volumetric Survey Plan

Used for subdividing area above ground. 

Lease Survey

Used to determine exact areas for leasing. This can be for tenants of buildings, or for telecommunication carriers to lease private land for towers. 

Easement Survey Plan

Whether for private use, for Council or Queensland Urban Utilities, we can prepare a Survey Plan showing the new easement, whilst your solicitor will use this plan to prepare the easement documents. If for Council purposes, we can submit this to Council for Plan Sealing on your behalf. 

Amalgamation Survey Plans

This plan combines two or more lots into one. 

Commerical & Industrial Set Outs

We can set out your commercial or industrial development no matter the scale. 

Industrial Detail Surveys

Detail Surveys for industrial and commercial areas. 

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