We are obsessed with surveying. We believe in the integrity of our profession and our responsibility to contribute foresight, desire and energy to grow, adapt and respond to the ever-changing needs of our clients and an evolving technological world.

We believe that surveying is both an art & science. Our responsibilities to our clients, the public and the environment are central to our craft and we recognise that the work we do is often considered to be just a part of a project whether a residential building, multi-story development or major infrastructure project.


Our work is driven by the professional standards of the surveying profession and our duty to uphold the integrity of the surveyors work. We believe it is our responsibility to ensure that our work is accurate, timely and of fair value as this forms the basis of any land or development project.


To us, surveying is our core, our belief is that we owe our clients our complete dedication to providing expert and quality service in the provision of Planning and Surveying services.


Whether you are running a major infrastructure project, commercial or residential development or building a house you can rest assured we know what you need and we know how to deliver to you "on time, in full".



We understand efficiency and operate across SE Qld, Hunter Valley, NSW & Northern NSW delivering high volume, rapid turnaround & cost effective Construction Surveying services.

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Ryan White


With our qualified Surveyors and Town planners, we provide a comprehensive range of Surveying & Planning services from identification surveys to major infrastructure projects.

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Anthony Mougan


Scanners, drones, CAD Software and with expert surveyor operators, we can bring your project to life in Hi-Definition 3D.

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Ryan White