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We're your trusted partner.

Using the latest UAV and 3D scanning technology, we make your project stand out.


High Definition Surveying (HDS) is a modern method of gathering extensive amounts of data in a short period of time by use of a Laser Scanner.

Our Leica Scanner is capable of gathering up to 1,000,000 points per second. This data, once processed, will create a high definition 3D point cloud that can be imported directly into most modern CAD packages.

What was once hard to survey tasks are now infinitely easier. Areas that are difficult to access (without the use of scaffolding, cherry pickers and the like) are now easily surveyed using this technology.

Other uses where HDS could be a suitable application include:

  • As-constructed surveys

  • Interior and exterior detail and feature surveys

  • Deformation measurements

  • Heritage modelling and surveying

  • Volumetric surveys – stockpiles etc.

  • Industrial plan surveys

  • Hulls of marine & aviation machinery


This non-intrusive, advanced technology can create an accurate 3D computer model of the most complex structure in an economical timeframe. At the same time many safety risks associated with working in industrial situations are minimised.

Survey staff are not required to be at the structure being surveyed – quite often surveys are carried out from locations up to 100 metres from the structure being scanned.

The advance from traditional 2D drawing to using 3D point clouds which create a much higher level of usable detail will change the way many professionals work forever.


Examples of the data collected by this equipment is shown below. 


Our high-tech UAV (drone) produces high definition imagery for consultants to use for marketing and design, combined with the 3D laser scanning data to produce accurate representations of specific areas. 

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