Contour Surveys

Contour Surveys provide a true representation of the shape, levels, vegetation, features and services of a vacant block of land. 

Detail Surveys

Detail Surveys include any structures, dwellings and existing vegetation on a property. These plans can include ridge and floor levels of existing and adjoining dwellings, setbacks to adjoining properties, retaining walls, fences and existing services. 

House Set Out

Prior to the construction of a new house, or an extension of an existing one, a surveyor is required to set out the house in accordance with the approved plans and to ensure it is located in the correct position. A Form 16 Certificate is provided to the Building Certifier. 

Height Certificates

We conduct Height Certification of slabs (Finished Floor Level) and roof heights (Ridge Level) to determine whether the constructed heights are in accordance with the approved plans and local planning scheme.

Identification Survey

An Identification Survey re-establishes and confirms the existing property boundaries of a Lot. Frequently required for older blocks where the boundary pegs were placed years ago (sometimes 100 years ago!). 

As-Constructed Surveys

Typically required following civil construction, our surveyors pick up the exact location of new water, sewer and stormwater services. This information is required to be submitted to Council for their records and to ensure everything has been constructed in accordance with their approval. 

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